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Fixed part: Definition of indicators at the European level that represent demographic interests: popularity of the decisions of the European Commission and Europarliament. Degree of knowledge and assesment of European leaders (presidency of the commission, different commissioners, etc). Projection of elections to the European Parliament. Popularity of national leaders (ranking).

Variable part: depending on the situation, it will include questions on certain issues that affect the entire European Community (approval of Economic Rescue Package, vaccination policy, border closure, migration crisis, etc.).


■ Each social research company and media will launch their national polls according to their electoral calendar and thus providing the entire network with updated information on the political situation in the EU.


A panel of experts, journalists and sociologists, would generate articles and texts can be shared (translated and published) by the entire media network.
Additional and optional content: each member can share, whenever they want, a specific piece of content (about a national survey, for example), and the rest of the members can decide whether or not to publish it, depending on their availability, interest, etc.