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This twin research and media network will allow us:

  1. To have more information on public opinion surveys and studies, shared among the participating companies.
  2. To enrich our approaches, allowing simultaneous comparisons focused on the same issues.
  3. To expand the cooperating networks of European social research, stimulating not only the exchange of information but also the cooperation between analysts and experts from different backgrounds and with a diverse expertise.
  4. To promote the exchange of professional experiences through stays of social researchers who will work during a term at the business headquarters of companies from other participating countries, as a kind of professional and senior Erasmus.
  5. To expand the network’s social and political influence capacity, becoming a trusted source of information on matters that concern the whole of Europe, especially with regards to European institutions, lobbies, stakeholders, and society as a whole.
  6. To explore innovative ways for the commercial exploitation of content resulting from the creation of the platform. Resources are shared, opportunities are maximized.