Poll: What europeans think of Giorgia Meloni?

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A SWG and Euroskopia survey for TV news program TgLa7 showed what Europeans think about the political position of Giorgia Meloni and her Fratelli d’Italia party. For 32% of respondents from eight different European countries, Meloni can be classified as far-right, while 20% think she is just «right-wing».

Only 7% classified her as centre-right. In particular, 56% of respondents in Greece and 55% in France think that Meloni is far-right. The other states subject to the survey were: Spain, where 48% identify Meloni as a far-right leader, Portugal 45%, the Netherlands 36%, Germany 13%, Austria 13% and Poland 12%.

The poll also asked if the results of the Italian elections were positive or negative. 44% of europeans from the polled countries answered that they think the result are positive.

In particular, Poland is the state that sees the result of the Italian elections most positively, with 49% seeing them as «positive» and 17% as an «opportunity». The country that sees the result of the Italian elections more negatively is the Netherlands, with 45% seeing it as negative and 26% as dangerous.

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