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Euroskopia is an alliance between the main social research and media companies in the European Union. It was created with the aim of making available to the public the most relevant opinion studies on current affairs in the European Union, a reality that is becoming increasingly important in our lives, although not sufficiently studied in terms of public opinion.
The Euroskopia platform was born out of the conviction that there is already an European public opinion whose voice must be heard and analysed. In this way, Euroskopia wants to contribute to broaden the information about the opinions that European citizens have about the common project of the EU and to open necessary and constructive debates. The alliance of these companies highlights the importance of business and transnational cooperation in tackling the most difficult challenges for European citizens.
The founding members of this alliance come from some of the countries with the greatest demographic weight in the EU: SigmaDos (Spain) and El Mundo, SWG S.p.A (Italy) and Il Corriere della Sera, Opinionway (France), Insa-Consulere GmbH (Germany) and Bild, and the Institute for Social Research and Market IBRIS (Poland). In the coming months, this alliance will be extended to other countries until it covers the whole of European society.
  • The German social and market research company was founded on 26th November 2009. INSA consulere GmbH is located in Erfurt and has a branch office in Berlin.
  • They produce various empirical studies for our clients from politics, business or science. In addition to qualitative and quantitative market research studies, the focus is on political surveys such as the INSA opinion trend or INSA Blitz. The INSA consulere GmbH supports the non-profit organisation Institute for New Social Responses, which is supported by the INSA Foundation gGmbH.
United survey/ IBRIS (POLAND)
  • IBRIS is a fast-growing research institute. They have been operating in the entire Poland since 2014. IBRIS Market and Social Research Institute has been established by experienced professionals.
  • Its goal is to deliver data and knowledge essential to make key decisions in politics, business or social activities.
Opinionway (FRANCE)
  • OpinionWay is a precursor of innovation in the market research, communication, and opinion survey sector in France. Whether applied to qualitative or quantitative surveys, hard data analysis (frequentation, geolocation, purchases, etc.), social data studies, or predictive analysis, OpinionWay has advocated methodological-mix solutions ever since its creation.
  • Born in 2000, digital and borderless, OpinionWay Group operates across all 5 continents, leading multi-country market research from France on a daily basis. We partner with specialists for each project . 30% of our research has an international focus, requiring a network of expert
Sigma Dos (SPAIN)
  • Sigma Dos is the first Spanish and international market research and opinion polling company in Spain. Sigma Dos is also a founding member of CIMA (Consorcio Iberoamericano de Empresas de Marketing) and belongs to Insight Analytics and Gallup International.
  • It belongs to the Eurostar Mediagroup group of companies, which allows us to be up to date in all areas of innovation (both in technology, methodology and fields of study). Our objective is to apply this innovation to our studies in order to increase their added value and thus offer an advanced service to our clients.
  • Founded in Trieste in 1981, SWG has been developing and producing with extreme care and precision market surveys, opinion and institutional polls, sector studies and monitoring centres, analysing trends and dynamics of the market, politics and society.
  • From its establishment up to the present day, SWG has been through a number of crucial stages of development, each one corresponding to different business and technological upgrades.
Pitagorica (PORTUGAL)
  • Founded in 2001, the firm diagnoses the world in numbers, calculations and statistics. It works with the constructions of numbers by numbers that after need to be translated, deciphered and interpreted.
  • Research and public opinion company focused on various fields of work in society. From safety and sustainability to the social domain, from the local economy to scientific data collection.
  • Their offices are located in Amsterdam and Enschede.
Prorata S.A. (GREECE)
  • Prorata S.A. was created in Athens in 2014 based on the belief that independent, reliable, and innovative research is not only feasible but also necessary. Especially in an economic, social, and political environment that is constantly changing.
  • The main aim of the company is the production of valid results and useful scientific analyses through the adoption of international best research practices in order to feed the public debate on issues that require more space, as well as to ensure the provision of effective strategic directions for our partners through customized consulting services.
Bpact (BELGUIM) Bpact-Logo
  • Bpact is the Belgian company that provides enriched data that enable insights into the Belgian population’s attitudes towards social issues such as finance, living, working, mobility, safety, politics, sustainability…
  • Our mission? To give everyone a voice! Thanks to a unique and representative research panel, Bpact collects the best data for this, on our own initiative or at customer’s request. This gives decision makers at governments, companies, organizations and academic institutions insight into what is going on: with customers, a specific target group or the population as a whole.