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Marcin Duma (IBRiS) and Bruno Jeanbart (OpinionWay) analyze the election in France

Five years later, Macron and Le Pen are once again the most voted candidates in the first round of the French elections. In this case, with a completely different political and social scenario.

Marcin Duma – president of the IBRiS Foundation – is talking about second round of presidential election in France to his colleague Bruno Jeanbart – vicepresident of French leading public opinion research institute OpinionWay.

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Euroskopia analyzes the French election campaign, marked by the pandemic, social problems and the war in Ukraine. A presidential election that is also measurable in an international key, due to the complicated economic and social situation that the European Union is facing.

“It’s all about economy, demographics, immigration and even about revolt” says Jeanbart. The campaign in France has focused on the purchasing power of its citiziens. Macron’s proposal to raise the retirement ages is contrary to Le Pen’s, who favors lower taxes.

Bruno Jeanbart also says that Macron is favorite to win the presidental elections in second round. Five years ago, Macron beat Le Pen with the 66% of the votes. Nowadays, the polls show a narrow advantage of the 53% in favor of Macron.

“The key will be on the voters of Mélenchon. Sociologically could be closer to Le Pen, but ideologically to Macron” says Jeanbart. “This division will decide the final result”.

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