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26/07/21. Pedro Sánchez is the lowest-rated European leader among its citizens

On Monday 26 July, Sigmados, with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo; together with SWG, Insa Consulere, United Survey, Gallup Austria and Opinionway, presents the first survey of public opinion research in Europe.

The first report reveals a clear division on the management of vaccination in the EU. However, the critics are more critical. While 44% think that the European Commission did well or very well, 55.6% think the opposite.

In Poland and Spain more than 50% of the population think that the EC has managed the purchase of vaccines well or very well.

In the other countries, more people think the opposite. Germany is the most critical of vaccine procurement (70% think it has been bad or very bad).

Fuentes: Euroskopia

In the economic sphere, 41.8% of Spaniards are in favour of a common plan, compared to the option of each country developing its own (39.2%); these figures are similar to those of Italy (37%), and increase for the Germans (47.3%), Austrians (45.4%) and French (43.5%) but are far from those of Poland, where 70% believe it is better for Europe to take charge of leading the recovery.


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